Welcome to Thames Oriental Carpets; based in Maidenhead, Berkshire. We offer a vast selection of handwoven rugs, carpets and Tapestries ranging from Oriental, Antique, Contemporary, Persian Rugs, Kilims, Aubussons, and Fine Needlepoint. As we have a large inventory particularly of contemporary rugs, we are confident that if you do not see the style you are looking for, just call us on 01628783700 or 07907334376 and we can supply photos of the rug style and size you are seeking.
With over 20 years passionate experience in the history of oriental rugs Managing Director, Younes Yari . He is an avid collector of antique rugs from the Caucuses and he also specialises in pure silk rugs from Qum and Nain. Younes particularly favours the tribal rugs as they use handspun wool high in lanolin which gives the rugs added sheen. These rugs come in varied designs but all have a 'magic carpet' lustre.
All of our antique rugs and tapestries are meticulously cleaned, fully restored and catalogued by our team of skilled staff. We are able to provide valuations for insurance purposes to ensure our clients keep abreast of their investment in these luxury items and should a rug be damaged by fire, water or spilt drinks they can be confident the cost of repair is covered.
We believe a rug is a major part of any interior design or re-decoration scheme and we offer a personalised service with expert advice, visiting clients at home to discuss requirements in terms of size, colour and style. We always invite clients to try the rug to ensure they are happy with their decision. In addition to our extensive collection of exquisite rugs and tapestries, we also offer professional cleaning and expert restoration services for all types of rugs. We look forward to welcoming you to Thames Oriental Carpets in Maidenhead, Berkshire. We enjoy giving our clients a personal service which is becoming increasingly rare and we visit clients throughout the UK. If you have any questions or are simply seeking advice with regard to Persian rugs, Antique Kilim rugs, Pure silk rugs or Oriental handwoven rugs of any kind we would love to hear from you so please don't hesitate to email us or call on 01628783700 or 07907334376 and let us help.